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Pretty Kind Words

This book is full of fun and cute stories, easy to read, and yet full of meaning and purpose. One of the stories meant so much to me that I will use the thoughts for the rest of my life. I really enjoyed reading it!

Bring Back Pretty is a delightful collection of blogs that capture, or shall I say recapture, the essence of all that is feminine that gets lost in the shuffle of our routine lives.

Kristin reminds us to enjoy being the divine feminine creatures that we are, and how to appreciate all the basic beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis even when life isn't perfect. I love how opposite our lives our, she is the country mouse as I am the city mouse, she is forever married, I am single, and yet we still as women have so much in common to celebrate and share with each other.

It's a great read to keep on the nightstand and peek at over and over before bed, or before getting up in the morning. And a great little pocket book to gift to your girlfriends so you can all be on the same pretty page in life.

This book is a short inspiring read about the little mishaps in life that can make life pretty, depending on how you look at them. I found myself in this book several times. From always believing I needed lots of money to feel pretty to feeling overwhelmed on doing household chores. Kristen sets the record straight on easy ways you can Bring Pretty Back!

Kristin, you always share such deep insight that is continuously delivered with such joy & light that I often find myself smiling or chuckling at some point during your shows. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such palpable & refreshing ways. Katie

I love how you help me talk myself off a ledge and you always keep me going with my gut. You are gifted in guiding women! Gianna

You are my hero. LOVE your attitude and SO grateful to always hear your perspective on life. You ALWAYS inspire me! You are beautiful inside and out

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