Once upon a  time there was a pretty pink turtle named Rosie, that lost the pretty in her life. As she went through life, she was flipped over on her back due to all the struggles that she faced. While the flailed about trying to get back on her feet, she realized no one was coming to save her. She needed to save herself. It was then that she became calm, stuck her neck out, used her head and flipped herself over. At that moment she realized she had the strength and Pretty within her all along... And you do too!!

Have A Pretty Day!


I woke up one day and realized I had lost myself and my pretty. I had hit rock bottom and knew life didn't have to be that way. So I started a blog in 2010 to express my thoughts and feelings as I found myself and my pretty again. To my surprise my blog became extremely popular and it evolved into a book! I turned the life of discontent and unhappiness into a life I love! It is now my passion to help Bring PrettyBack into YOUR life as well!