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Pretty Coffee with Kristin

Welcome to the fabulous world of "Pretty Coffee with Kristin,"

Welcome to the fabulous world of "Pretty Coffee with Kristin," where we celebrate life's Pretty moments with confidence, self-respect, joy, and purpose! Get ready for a joy-filled journey that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.

At "Pretty Coffee with Kristin," we're all about brewing up a delightful concoction of positivity, laughter, and empowering discussions. Join your charismatic host, Kristin, as she serves up a piping hot cup of inspiration, mixed with a generous dollop of humor and a sprinkle of lighthearted fun. From heartwarming conversations with extraordinary guests to insightful discussions on embracing your unique style, boosting your self-esteem, and rocking your individuality, each episode is a vibrant celebration of life's Pretty moments.

But we don't just stop at the surface. We dive deep into meaningful topics, infusing them with hope and uplifting perspectives. Together, we explore personal growth, overcoming challenges, and finding the Pretty in every situation. It's a safe space where we share stories, learn from one another, and discover the incredible strength we possess within.

We believe in the power of laughter and joy as essential ingredients for a truly fulfilling life. Prepare to giggle your way through uplifting stories and engaging segments that remind you to find delight in the simple pleasures and keep your spirits high.

And let's not forget about purpose—because living a life with purpose is like adding the perfect flavor to your day. Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering your passions, and igniting the spark that sets your soul on fire. We'll help you craft a life that aligns with your dreams, goals, and aspirations, all while having an absolute blast along the way.

So grab your favorite cup, put on a smile, and tune in to "Pretty Coffee with Kristin." Together, we'll celebrate life's Pretty moments, sip on laughter, and sprinkle inspiration into our lives. Get ready for a joyous and lighthearted adventure where confidence, self-respect, joy, and purpose come together in the most delightful way imaginable.

With love and Pretty vibes, Kristin

I'm in an abusive relationship..... with MYSELF!

On this episode.... ​Let's come out of our shells! Shall we!

On this episode of  Pretty Coffee With Kristin!


Self Sabotage! Is the topic of this episode of Pretty Coffee  ☕ With Kristin... The struggle is real! And I deserve a prize! STOP IT!!! DON'T waste one more minute!!! 

Fear of failure & self sabotage! Keeping your dream in your head... won't get you anywhere! 
It's worth the risk to START!!! 

Hell with resolutions!!!!!!! Let's talk about#PRETTYPROMISES to YOURSELF!!!

How I went from TEEN MOM to ENTREPRENEUR... then lost myself! And now I am getting my PRETTY groove back! Join me!!!!

Don't isolate yourself!!! This episode of Pretty Coffee  ☕ With Kristin 

2017 I proclaim to be the year ...Kristin got her groove back! JOIN ME!!!!!  Let's have some wine and talk about it!

LOVE what YOU love!!! Make a statement if you want! Get rid of the rest! 

Let's put more thought and less money into gift giving this year! That's what people remember! 

Let's pick a PRETTY WINNER!
Thank you to all of you that commented and shared to enter the PRETTY giveaway!!​

Be THANKFUL you have things to haul into the house and all the things you are doing for the holidays!!!!! Check yourself! I did!!! I was a little ashamed of myself today...

Emotional Abuse - may not be a punch in the face... It's a punch to the SOUL

Reevaluate the holidays!!!! It's ok to do things differently!!!
Oreo's and gift bags are ok! ​

Spontaneous can be PRETTY! That's the topic of this episode of Bring Pretty Back with Kristin ! With Pretty DeeDee!!!!

Support a cause and look at the fun finds! 
Thinking outside the box is PRETTY! 

I'm under the hairdryer at the salon! So of course I have to do a Bring Pretty Back With Kristin Show! Let's talk about Thanksgiving. Sometimes things change. And that's ok!!! Roll with it! You can enjoy PRETTY day with Hallmark Channel USA & pajamas! 

Tonight we are going to party like MIDDLE - AGED ROCKSTARS!

I did NOT curl up in a ball and stay home! Woot! Woot! 
Hating ourselves needs to stop!!!!

Sometimes less is more!

First the Bells Palsy! Now the Shingles!
How this has been a double blessing..
My pretty advice for YOU! 

Here are a few of my favorite things to make life PRETTIER!
I am at Walgreens today! 

Join me as I go to my first therapy appointment! Yes !THERAPY!!!! 
Sometimes we need a little help to live a pretty life!!

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