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The Pretty Coffee with Kristin Show!

I'm in an abusive relationship..... with MYSELF!

On this episode.... ​Let's come out of our shells! Shall we!


Self Sabotage! Is the topic of this episode of Pretty Coffee  ☕ With Kristin... The struggle is real! And I deserve a prize! STOP IT!!! DON'T waste one more minute!!! 

Fear of failure & self sabotage! Keeping your dream in your head... won't get you anywhere! 
It's worth the risk to START!!! 

Hell with resolutions!!!!!!! Let's talk about#PRETTYPROMISES to YOURSELF!!!

How I went from TEEN MOM to ENTREPRENEUR... then lost myself! And now I am getting my PRETTY groove back! Join me!!!!

Don't isolate yourself!!! This episode of Pretty Coffee  ☕ With Kristin 

2017 I proclaim to be the year ...Kristin got her groove back! JOIN ME!!!!!  Let's have some wine and talk about it!

LOVE what YOU love!!! Make a statement if you want! Get rid of the rest! 

Let's put more thought and less money into gift giving this year! That's what people remember! 

Let's pick a PRETTY WINNER!
Thank you to all of you that commented and shared to enter the PRETTY giveaway!!​

Be THANKFUL you have things to haul into the house and all the things you are doing for the holidays!!!!! Check yourself! I did!!! I was a little ashamed of myself today...

Emotional Abuse - may not be a punch in the face... It's a punch to the SOUL

Reevaluate the holidays!!!! It's ok to do things differently!!!
Oreo's and gift bags are ok! ​

Spontaneous can be PRETTY! That's the topic of this episode of Bring Pretty Back with Kristin ! With Pretty DeeDee!!!!

Support a cause and look at the fun finds! 
Thinking outside the box is PRETTY! 

I'm under the hairdryer at the salon! So of course I have to do a Bring Pretty Back With Kristin Show! Let's talk about Thanksgiving. Sometimes things change. And that's ok!!! Roll with it! You can enjoy PRETTY day with Hallmark Channel USA & pajamas! 

Tonight we are going to party like MIDDLE - AGED ROCKSTARS!

I did NOT curl up in a ball and stay home! Woot! Woot! 
Hating ourselves needs to stop!!!!

Sometimes less is more!

First the Bells Palsy! Now the Shingles!
How this has been a double blessing..
My pretty advice for YOU! 

Here are a few of my favorite things to make life PRETTIER!
I am at Walgreens today! 

Join me as I go to my first therapy appointment! Yes !THERAPY!!!! 
Sometimes we need a little help to live a pretty life!!

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